Feature Request: Always ask the developer before applying a service pack or a security fix to Visual Studio that need changed C++ runtime DLLs ATL/MFC/CRT

I know this is a German blog, but for reaching a wider range of developer this article is written in English 🙂

In the past security patches to Visual Studio were automatically installed on the machines of developers. This might have a great impact of to the shipment of the software that is created with this new pachted Visual-Studio version and it might cause incompatibilities with previous created modules.

And we all suffered under the problems that came with this patches and I don’t want to know how much time and money was wasted here.

Also I am aware of the risk that is caused when security fixes are not applied. But the last decision must be allowed to a developer if a fix is applied or not.

To avoid this I have a feature request that such security fixes to Visual Studio (any Version: VS-2005, VS-2008, VS-2010) is only applied to the developers machine if he is asked to do this!

Please use your vote and your words to comment this feature request ❗
Here is the link:

Always ask the developer before applying a security fix or service pack to Visual Studio that need changed the C++ runtime DLLs ATL/MFC/CRT

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