Feature Request: Always ask the developer before applying a service pack or a security fix to Visual Studio that need changed C++ runtime DLLs ATL/MFC/CRT

I know this is a German blog, but for reaching a wider range of developer this article is written in English 🙂

In the past security patches to Visual Studio were automatically installed on the machines of developers. This might have a great impact of to the shipment of the software that is created with this new pachted Visual-Studio version and it might cause incompatibilities with previous created modules.

And we all suffered under the problems that came with this patches and I don’t want to know how much time and money was wasted here.

Also I am aware of the risk that is caused when security fixes are not applied. But the last decision must be allowed to a developer if a fix is applied or not.

To avoid this I have a feature request that such security fixes to Visual Studio (any Version: VS-2005, VS-2008, VS-2010) is only applied to the developers machine if he is asked to do this!

Please use your vote and your words to comment this feature request ❗
Here is the link:

Always ask the developer before applying a security fix or service pack to Visual Studio that need changed the C++ runtime DLLs ATL/MFC/CRT

Ein Feature Request für VS-2011 zu den CRT Einstellungen

In den Communities wird immer wieder gefragt, wie man eine EXE erzeugen kann, die keinerlei Abhängigkeiten zu irgendwelchen Runtimes hat. Dazu hat Jochen Kalmbach in seinem Blog einen Klassiker als Video veröffentlicht.

Aber eigentlich könnte es leichter gehen indem man die versteckten Einstellungen für die CRT auf die „General“ Seite packt wie auch die MFC und ATL Linker Einstellungen.

Der Aufbau in den Projekteinstellungen bisher sieht in etwa so aus:

  • General
  • – Use of MFC
  • – Use of ATL
  • C/C++
  • – Code Generation
  • – – Runtime Library

Der neue Aufbau wäre in etwa wie folgt:

  • General
  • – Runtime Library
  • – Use of MFC
  • – Use of ATL

Hier mein Feature Request auf Connect, wer Lust hat kann ja auch einen Vote abgeben:
Place CRT Runtime Library settings on the General tab in the project settings